Nietzsche Sensei – Konibini ni Satori Sedai no Shinjin Ga Maiorita

| Release: 2013
| Status: ongoing (4 volumes so far)
| Mangaka : Matsu Koma (author) & Hashimoto (artist)

niiNiitomo Haru is the new part-timer in convenient store (konbini) where rounin Matsukoma has been working for a year. He’s young, but there’s something different about him. His way of thinking resembles the phillosopher’s Friederich Nietzsche, thus it’s hard to understand what he’s saying.

Matsukoma finds it hard to teach him about customer service. But, he will not give up, will he?

Each story lasts for a page and  it’s enough  makes me smile. I just started the first chapter and I’m feeling so sorry toward Matsukoma. I wonder what would happen to me if I were in his shoes. I don’t posses such patience to look after this eccentric junior. lol.

The drawing is not bad. It’s clear and the background is strong. It’s comfortable enough for my eyes.

movielosophy_nii kunThe story is currently airing as live action dorama staring Mamisho and Urai Kenji (Death Note butai). And I think Mamisho is looking awesome there.

read @ mangaheremangakoi | mangajet


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