Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

| Mangaka : Kaminaga Manabu / Oda Suzuka
| Release: 2009
| Status: ongoing
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Yakumo2Saito Yakumo lives in club room of his university. Despite of being foulmouth and lazy, he has extraordinary skill. He can see and communicate with the dead. That skill has been helping Detective Gotou from Setamachi Police Station for countless times.

Ozawa Haruka comes to ask his help regarding her possessed friend. Yakumo has been in pain for having left red eye which utilise him to see spirit. That eye invites hate and horror from his surrounding. Haruka is the first person who think that eye is beautiful. Although he always saying bad words about her, Yakumo slowly accept Haruka for visiting.

Geez, Yakumo is such a tsundere. I think when you received so much hate in the past, it’s hard to look happy or  honest about your feeling. You just don’t want to get your high hope. You won’t know when they’ll leave you. I kinda understand that, Yakumo.


For someone like Yakumo, Haruka is a match. A girl who doesn’t give up easily, pure heart and have lots of patients. haha.

I just watched the manga after watching the anime series. But, every time I see Yakumo, there’s only KuboHide in my head. Damn, he makes such a sexy Yakumo. Ah, I wanna see the latest stageplay…

yakumo3Check mujintou scans

My Rating:chick419


5 thoughts on “Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

  1. Hey ..i’m happy to find someone else interested in this manga … it’s gorgeous XD

    specially the lead char.. i like this kind of personality and his eye too ^^

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