” the way to get away with crime you commit,100% of the time, is to simply “accidentalize” it in the name of the police”

Ouroboros_v01_000a15 years ago, Ikuo and Tatsuya witness the murder of their beloved Yuiko sensei. But, the police coercively suppressed their testimonies, leaving the case unsolved. The kids swear to find the real culprit. Now, Ikuo is Shinjuku Police Department 2nd Division’s top investigator and Tatsuya is Group Hibiko 3rd Brigade Matsuo Syndicate’s young head. Hand in hand they smack various criminal while pursuing their ultimate goal.


Ooh, ooh, I just started reading it because it’d turned into live action dorama with Shun and Toma as the main cast. But, it’s cool!! It resembles MW, though.


Still, I love how the two main characters have opposite personality. Tatsuya is cool, while Ikuo is messy. haha. I can hardly wait to see Shun and Toma in the live action dorama.

check death toll scanlation | starkana


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