Usotsuki Paradox

| Published: 2009
| Mangaka: Sato Nanki | Kizuki Akira
| Status: complete (10 volumes)

Seiyuu has a long distance relationship, but keeping a close touch with her colleagues, Youkado. She invites him to take a walk, shopping and watching movies. Youkado can’t help but falling for her. Lonely Seiyuu agrees to date him with one condition: no sex!


Ugh, this kind of girl is the worst. She should just stop seeing her boyfriend and going out with Youkado. Taking advantage of a man’s feeling is cruel!!!

Anyway, I just saw the liveaction movie on asiatorrent’ list yesterday and shocked to see Mayama Akihiro playing Yakudou. OMG WHYYYYYYY? Why does he needs to take part in that pinku movie? I feel like he’s drifting away from good track. He’s so cute, so WHYYYY???


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