Fairy Tail Side Story: Natsu & Asuka

| Release: 2014
| Mangaka: Mashima Hiro
| Status: oneshot

Natsu is left to babysit Asuka while her parents out for mission. Asuka charges him for duel. It’s a shame to see that Natsu can’t even win over a toddler. So, he ends up granting everything Asuka wants. The girl wants to buy something from pawn shop, therefore she needs money. Natsu and Lucy accompany her to pick simple and safe missions.

Natsu-asuka coverWhat is it that Asuka wants? Why she’s desperately need to buy it? Believe me, you’ll cry afterward. *sob* This is my most favorite Fairy Tail’s side story.

I don’t know how Bisca & Alzack could entrusts Natsu to take care their baby. Isn’t it like a baby caring for baby? hahahha. But, I guess that’s why kids love him, right?

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