QQ Sweeper

| Release: 2014
| Mangaka: Motomi Kyousuke
| Status: Ongoing

Horikita Kyutaro, who’s special ability is cleaning, found a girl sleeping in old school’s building. Her name is Nishioka Fumi, a homeless new transfer student. Fumi loves the place Kyutaro’s cleaned without knowing that it’s a special place. There she sees an old antique door and can’t help but trying to peek on…


What’s await her is creatures which are not supposed to infiltrate to human world. It was Kyutaro who’d been cleaning those “pests” to prevent anomaly in real life.

I always enjoy Motomi sensei’s work for her sense of humor, decent art, and quite “doki doki” development story. You can always guests her characterization, though. The guy is always rough, yet supreme. The girl is often messy and need help, but always trying to be strong. XD

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My Rating chick419


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