| Release: 2010
| Mangaka: Adachi Toka
| Status: Ongoing

Yato is a minor god who dreamt of having a lot followers. In reality, he walks in jersey, doesn’t even have shrine and his shinki is having enough of him. What is a god without his shinki? He’ll be totally useless.

noragamiOn his way to find new shinki, he encounters a girl who tried to save his life. Due to her excessive effort, she even leaves her body to keep Yato from being hit by a bus. Her name is Iki Hiyori and she’s not dead. yet. Later, she can’t control where and when her soul may leave her body. Hiyori asks Yato to fix her body, but it’s not a simple thing. Thus, Hiyori keeps pestering Yato, even when he finally pick a young soul as his new shinki. This new weapon, Yukine, is unstable and has lots of trauma. This causes a big burden to Yato, but he refuses to let him go.

Noragami v03 c10 - 116movielosophy-2014-03-02-05h29m58s253

Yato chan…. are you an M?

I’m currently following the anime and it’s awesome. Yato is normally a lame character, probably the reflection of easy going youngsters who always use jersey and think they’re good on it. *CoughLDHCough* Well, I don’t mind if they dance in jersey, but to hang around with someone who seems so ready to sweet is totally not cool. lol

On the other hand, Yato’s serious mode is so moe. Started by the time he calls his shinki, he turns into another character. The one that looks so reliable, cool, handsome, aaaaaaaaahhhhh


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