Black Coffee

| Mangaka: Nakano Emiko
| Length: oneshot
| Released: 2011

Sentaro and Akari are childhood friends. They always together, even now: they’re in the same class of high school. However, things have different from the childhood time. Sentaro turns so handsome and soon becomes popular among the girls. On the other hand, Akari keeps her plain appearance and tries to cut connection with other people. But, one day, Akari applies to be a pin-up girl and shows her sweet side. Her fandom rises rapidly and Sentaro starts nagging her to never reveal her idol identity at school because most of the boys are her fans. What is wrong with him, anyway? Don’t he like Akari to look so cute?

Black_Coffee_p01Ah, we have a lot of this childhood friend’s romance that left me no words here. XD. So typical: you can only understand the value of someone when she’s far.

One thing about the drawing; I like it. It’s clean with less unnecessary tones. Not bad.

check aerandria

my rating chick324


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