Wonderful Cafe ni Youkoso

| Released: 2009
| Volume: 1 (oneshot)
| Mangaka: Takagi Shigeyoshi

16 years old Miyachi Suzune is left by her parents. Without place to go home, Suzu decides to resides in a park when she found a cute little puppy. Soon after that a hot guy come picking the dog. She’s also taken to the guy’s place, a dog cafe called “Smile” because he thinks she resembles a dog he liked. After learning her situation, the guy (which is actually the cafe owner, named Yuraohouda) lets her stay and works there.

Wonderful_Cafe_p001It’s a simple story about honesty and compassion. If it’s made into series, I know I’m gonna force the mangaka to bring it into more romantic light. XD. tHe drawing is pretty clear and the puppies look cute. It doesn’t seem like wasting my time reading this on weekend. Just for pleasure, no additional intelligence absorbed, though.

check aerandria

my rating chick218


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