Koibumi Biyori

| English title: A Perfect Day for Love Letter
| Mangaka: Asakura George
| Released: 2005
| Length: 3 volumes (completed)
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Letter 1letter 3_chiyuki

Takase Ririko wants to be a librarian, so she spends more time in school library. It’s always empty, though. One day, she finds a love letter inside a book. The sender says that she looks beautiful while reading books. They start exchanging letters since then, but Ririko never expects her opponents to be the lousy guy in class. Is he just playing with her?

you're like a snow

Asakura sensei drew 10 stories in the manga, each tells about boy-girl relationship started by a love letter. The idea is simple: somebody should make a move in order to create a relationship. If both parties just keep staring from distance, nothing will happen.

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