Hot Road

| Mangaka: Tsumugi Taku
| Released: 1986
| Volume: 4 (complete)
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This is a story about 14-year old girl named Kazuki who’s having bad relationship at home. Her mother is 35, but she’s selfish and moody. She only cares about her lover. Kazuki even tries shop lifting just to get her mother’s attention, she doesn’t give a damn.

Hot Road_V01_C01_P002One day, Kazuki meets cool Hiroko san who’s a gang bike’s girl friend. Kazuki thinks it’s cool to hang around these people just to piss her mother. That’s when she meets rude Haruyama who says that she’s ugly. Kazuki slaps him, but the truth is, she’s interested in him. However, Hirayama’s already have a girlfriend.

hot road

The drawing is so old and almost empty, ha? Well, that’s what you expect from a 1986 manga. When I read this, I can’t stop imagining how Omi plays this 16 years old boy. haha

Still, I think Kazuki is really pitiful. Imagine the feeling of not important?! Kids might think that being scolded is bad, but I think being ignored is worse. It feels like life goes on with or without you. Kazuki doesn’t have meaning in her mother’s life.

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