Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru

| Mangaka: Aoki Kotomi
| First Published: 2009
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“The little things become less and less familiar”

Sakaguchi Shun was a popular boy in school. Along with Aki and his two other classmates, he makes a band that soon attracts great music producer, Takagi Soichiro. In two year, the band, CRUDE PLAY, turns into super popular band in the nation. But, Aki decided to withdraw from the band just right before their debut time. He supports CRUDE PLAY as lyricist and composer, and pushes the band into something more amazing.

insecticideAki, who’s always in bad mood, meets a  grocer’s daughter, Riko, and on asks her out on their first meeting. He just wants to graduate from being Takagi’s doll. He’s sick with his life. He wants to break free from the girl friend Takagi pushed to him, Mari. And so, even though it’s full of lie, he makes Riko his girl friend.

Well, well, after reading 2 chapters, I found lots similarities with the movie (and the side stories). Ugh, can hardly wait to see it.

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