Kimi ni Koishite Desu Ka

| Mangaka: Shiiba Nana
| Release: 2013
| Status: complete (2 volumes)

“I’ve always been thinking about it…
but love may not be always a pleasant thing”

[CM]Kimi ni Koishitei desu ka - Ch1 004
Chigira Ruiji (15) has a wonderful scary face. Thanks to that nobody wants to talk to him. Plus he’s easily dragged into fights, giving him notorious reputation. He believes that this face will turn him a loner forever.
But, on the first day of high school, he’s falling in love. Her name is Wakatsuki Sana and they end up being in the same class. haaahh…. can Ruiji make friends with that girl?

Ehm, I’ve read something about this before. no, LOTS of similar theme. About a guy who can’t help but being called delinquent just because his face is terrible. What? You know, like Midori no Hibi or Yankee kun to Megane chan?
So, what’s the surprise here?
The greatest part is when Ruiji realizes that he’s a green boy in love. So, he decides to take love advice. There’s this popular girl named Kibayashi in his class who had been dating 20 boys. However, Ruiji caught her saying all bad stuffs about the boys who adore her. Kibayashi asks him to keep this secret. As return, she’d be happy to help Ruiji with his unrequited love.

PS: I know I haven’t write anything lately. I hardly read new manga. Real life is great, it takes me away from manga. XD

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chibi manga scanlation


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