Watashi no taitsetsu na tomodachi

wntnt ch1 01Ebisawa Shoko fails getting into the art school she dreamed of. She decides to enroll art-preparation school to make it up. She always wanted to be mangaka. But, her speciality only draws her away from her friends. Since she’s labeled otaku, even her best friend, Tanaka Tachibana, denies their relationship.

But, one day, Tachibana got accident causing her to lose lots of her memory. This amnesiac Tachibana goes into the same school with Shoko. This is her chance to win her friendship again.

I won’t do that. I’d rather be alone than being with the one who denies my existence. However, there hardly people who can stand being alone. I think Shoko is that kind of type. If I were her, I’d try to make new friends, new relationship, and not going back to the bitter experience again. Hey, this world is large, there’ll be lots people waiting for your warm feeling!


I don’t like the art. It looks empty.


bakabt (full)

horobi no michi

My Rating:chick218


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