Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

| Mangaka: Robico

| Release: 2008

| Status: Complete (12 vol + 1 vol special)
This is a story about a studious girl named Mizutani Shizuku and the boy who sits next to her. well, there’s supposed to be a guy right there, but since a bloody incident at their first day of school, he’s suspended. Now it’s already a month since the school’s rolling and Shizuku is asked to deliver notes to his house. She should’ve said no, because that guy is a nerd.

His name is Yoshida Haru. You wouldn’t notice that he’s the top scorer on entrance test, but you can see how frightening he is since he only knows how to talk with violence. And that guy is now clinging on Shizuku and taking her as his friend. What a troublesome. For all this time, studying is all she cared about and now she needs to deal with this crazy neighbour.

I really think that Haru represents problem of a lot of youngsters who don’t know how to act. Nobody tell them what to do. School only forces them to study. Ok, there are list of things you should do and shouldn’t, but can that lead your high school life? I don’t think so. I know many kids get nervous on how they represent themselves at the first day of school (yeah, just like in Koukou Debut), and first impression is important.

Lots of so-called-Wiseman said “Be yourself”, but I think you can only be yourself if you know you’re loved. If you’re still confused, then it’s hard to find the best part of yourself.



Loyal Kiss

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