Yamada kun to 7 nin no Majo

| Mangaka: Yoshikawa Miki
| Release: 2012
| Status: ongoing

This is the work of Yoshikawa Miki sensei who made Yankee kun to Megane chan. Ah, that was a funny story. Seems like she loves this yankee vs noble student theme, ha. The same aura lines in this manga, too.

The hero is Yamada Kyuu, a yankee guy from every single hair on his head to the tip of his feet. In this great private school, the guy seems like a stain. He’s harsh, barely follow the lesson and his appearance is out of question. But, even this kind of boy has sweet side. We’ll never know that if he didn’t fall on noble student Shiraishi Urara. No, I mean literally “fall on”. He was tipping the stair when he suddenly slipped and hit Shiraishi whose stand behind.

When he wakes up in the infirmary, he realizes something’s wrong. Yamada and Shiraishi are swapping bodies! It should be a depressing moment for everyone, but guess what? Shiraishi (in form of Yamada) enters the class as usual to follow the lesson. Of course, everyone is surprised to see “Yamada” (ok, I’ll use “” just to let you know different person inside the body) in studious form. haha.

“Yamada” is not in hurry. She tells “Shiraishi” that they can swap back after school just because she doesn’t want to skip any class (normally, she thought that they need to hit each other again to re-switch).

While “Shiraishi” wait for the swap time, he realizes the hardship of being noble student. Shiraishi has been bullied for all this time, yet she looks very calm. “Shiraishi”, then, fights to stop the bullying. Well, everyone is happy now and all they need is to get back to their own body by a kiss. Yup, apparently, when they fall, they accidentally kissed. ugggh, it’s sooo… romantic?

Ever since, they start swapping bodies…

Swapping bodies theme is always amusing, but switching through kissing is the first time for me to read. Yoshikawa sensei’s may not be the best, but she makes it impossible for me to wait for the next chapter. Just like Yankee kun to Megane chan, be ready for a full package of comedy, stupidity and romance.


Mahou X

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