Arcana Famiglia

| Mangaka: RURU
| Release: 2011
| Status: Complete (4 volumes)

The manga tells story about an organization who protect Regallo island. Wrapped in black suits, they use mystical power called Arcana. Each Arcana holder possesses different power allowed them to beat evil easily.

One day, the head of Arcana Famiglia (called “PAPA”), Mondo, decides to hold Arcana Duello. He’s inviting all Arcana holders to fight in order to win the title “Papa”. He’ll be retired soon and he needs someone to continue the legacy. Mondo even adds bonus for the winner. That lucky guy will get to marry his only daughter, Felicita. Of course, she refuses. In order to gain her freedom, Felicita joins the battle! At the same time, her fellow Arcana holder, Liberta and Nova, also promise to give her freedom if they won the competition. * Ah, they just wanna look good in front of*

I learned the story from the anime. I should’ve read this a long time ago as it was started in 2011 *sob*. The story kinda reminds me of Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Bleach. Well, they have a lot of things in common: lots of character, superpower, lousy main character (I love Liberta).


Aqua scan


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