Saboten no Himitsu

| Mangaka: Haruta Nana
| Release: 2004
| Status: complete (4 volumes)

After two years keeping secret to Fujioka Kouhei, Miku is planning to confess her love. But, Kouhei doesn’t seem to get it. The confession is delayed due to Kouhei’s straight forward-too honest words. Miku is really disappointed, but the unrequited love is too deep to give up that easy. Kouhei may be clueless, but someday she’ll catch his heart. She even tried so hard to turn her appearance into this attractive. She doesn’t deserve the label “cactus alien” from that guy, right?

Shojo manga after a while is quite refreshing for me. Even though the idea is pretty common and the plot has less things to do with Saboten (Cactus, as mentioned in the title), plus the only thing amuse me is that sarcastic dialogues. lol



My Rating: 


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