Classmates, Kamimura Yuuka ha Kou Itta

| Mangaka: Sakurai Tsutsushi
| Release: 2011
| Status: complete (6 volumes)

Shirasaki Shuushi is so boring with his peaceful life. And the one who bring the change is his weird classmate, Kamimura Yuuka. She’s so strange that none would talk to her. But, for Shirasaki, she’s like a burst of energy pulling off his boredom. In top of his curiousity, Kamimura feeds him with the idea that the world he’s been living in is an artificial world and that she can change the world the way she wants to. Of course, Shirasaki doesn’t bite that. However, he starts experiencing fantastic dreams and his classmates turns into robotic.

Ok, the first few pages are too weird that I couldn’t understand. So, for a mystery manga, it’s quite thrilling. I think the main idea is that we’re what we believe. One can create anything they think inside their mind and sometime we deny things we don’t accept logically.


My Rating:


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