| Mangaka: Ayatsuji Yukito & Kiyohara Hiro (illustration)
| Release: 2010-2012
| Status: complete (5 volume)
| Related post: Another (anime), Another (live action)

26 years ago, a special student died. But, the whole class refused to accept it so they pretend that the student was still alive. That’s the beginning of the whole horror. The class begins to carry special curse that everyone related will be dead. Unless they managed to find “dead” and sent it back to death, the serial death will continue.

You can’t imagine how I was occupied to this series. I watched the anime version and I was addicted. The art is so beautiful and the plot is so intriguing. It might be too much for soft hearted people, considering all those brutal killings, but it’s a great story in overall.



My Rating: 


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