Kataribe no List

| Mangaka: Fujiya Izuco
| Release: 2011
| Status: complete (6 volumes)

Hiwatari Akitsune is supposed to be a great guy with great eyes for antiques if only he’s no ambition for life. He always procrastinates and looks sleepy all the time. One day, he accidentally switched his lunch bag with a girl in the train. He never knew that the girl, List, is magical tool collector. There are many powerful tools in the world that turn ordinary thing into magical life.

When Akitsune opens that girl’s bag, he finds an old watch called Dust. It’s not an ordinary watch; it has magic power to repel existence.

Akitsune is still amazed by the power when he stumbles upon a weird guy who can turn everything he writes with chalk into weapon. The nerd is happily chases Akitsune to grab his watch. Thank God the owner comes in time, buying time for the boy to escape. But, due to the chasing, Akitsune is heavily wounded. If the watch can restart everything, then it should be able to restate his wellness, right? However, the effect is unimaginable. As Akitsune opens his eyes he realizes that the watch has fused into his arm. This make List pretty upset. This is the beginning of their journey together. While trying to get Dust separated from Akitsune, they may need to fight another tools collectors.

It’s quite funny for me. Though the idea is pretty frantical, it’s easy to catch. The characters are also amusing. I always like bossy girl. List reminds me of Veronique in GOSICK. Well, I’m too kind to take her as princess while Akitsune sees her as “Step Mother” chara. lol



My Rating: 


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