| Mangaka: CORE-Dusk
| Release: 2009
| Status: complete (1 volume)

The fifth unit of special police bureau is located within the city. The bureau is equipped with the facilities for the training or the special work forces. they call it The Maru School. The crew is called “Candidate of ‘sakura’”. They are elites who are given the right to kill with various backgrounds. Souma, who used to be physical education teacher; Shusuke was a public prosecutor abroad; Ichijima Haruumi, the ex spy and Eri, who looks like a high schooler.

Bearing that power, they become ally of justice. Even so, their identity is concealed because the law sometimes unable to allow their action.

I just learn this manga from the liveaction commercial. Seems like Minehiro Kinomoto will play the role of cool Shusuke and Atsushi Arai will be the main character named “Eiri”. It looks so cool in the liveaction version, so I’m triggered to find the manga. This should can be a cool manga with a lot of bishounens. The drawing is neat and classy, not to mention mystery bid inside. However, I find it hard to follow one dialogue to another due to its massive words. Since the idea is simple, the mangaka should make it simpler dialogues, too. Otherwise, this masterpiece will just bore fans, like me.


Raindrops scanlation

My Rating: 


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