Switch Girl

Nika is what we call a charismatic high school girl. Her make up is perfect and her dress is fabulous. But, how is the popular girl at home?

She’s a total loser. And that lame girl meets a dorky neighbor at the supermarket today. Proudly, she teaches him how to buy cucumber. She never knows that this guy can be so hot and arrogant as he transferred to her school.

And as these two with odds personalities clash…..

I started to read this after learning that they’re making its live action dorama with Renn as the main character. OMG!!! Can you imagine that? I mean, Renn is cool, but as a high school student? Oh no, I hope the hair stylist’s much better than the one in Hanakimi 2011.

Ok, back to the manga. The idea is quite common. There are several manga with the same themes. So, what makes this interesting? Well, the power of the drawing is one of them. the other one is that many girls still hunger for this kind of story where they can look up fashion and personality’s power. Summary, there are people who wants to be Nika, at least the “mode on” one.






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