Blood Soul

Redlord Bradnias are real vampires. Along with his bodyguard Ashley Wolfgang Lihita, Red had been hunted by church for all their lives, they’re happily fight those hypocrites.

One day, when they make bloody contacts with The Church of Van Helsing, they encounter a courier girl who deliver a package for them. The girl, Haruka, ends becoming the connection between Red and his devoted ally, The Crimson Ether. It’s surely dangerous for her since the Van Helsing campire slayers are sniffing Red’s every move.

Red becomes more enthusiastic to find out that Azure is still alive. Who is Azure? What grudge does Red has towards him?


I feel like reading Nurarihyon no Mago when Red turns older as he covered by blood. Sounds similar? Well, at least the art is quite cool makes me wanna read it more and more.


My Rating: 


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