Koorihime Kitan

Doujima and Takahime spend their Christmas eve on ghost inspection at the old house of Doujima’s grandmother. They never expected that a spirit called Sayo hime even possessed Takamine’s body, turning her to be a seductive girl *not that Doujima hates it. lol* It seems like Sayohime was in love with Doujima’s ancestor, but she was killed by jealous Nakano Sanetoki. Dead Sayo hime is earthbound because believes that Doujima’s ancestor will find and rescued her.

Who would’ve thought that a ghost love story could be this creepy, yet so beautiful?


It’s just another story encouraging that love is great. Well, even so, I think it’s kinda pathetic to be earthbound just to wait for a person to save you *the idea of waiting to be rescued makes me sick*. But, hey, girls love having day dream about a great prince coming for them, right. Let’s just don’t ruin their dream.


The scan is quiet rough, but if you had a chance to get the printed comic, you might surprise to see such a nice drawing. Of course, the mangaka, Kawashita Mizuki sensei, is also the one who created “ichigo 100%” and “Hatsukoi limited”.





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