Oinarisama no honey bunny



Koharu’s grandfather made contract with Inari God to transform him from rabbit into human world. Things have been tough on rabbit to live among rampage human.

Thanks to that, Koharu can live like a human high schooler, even he always had his ears coming out when he wakes in the morning.

Living a life like human, Koharu still realize his true identity. He has inferiority to carnivore. That’s why when a group of crows bully him at the back yard of school this morning, he can’t hide his fear. Lucky two men passing by and save him from the crowd.

But, hey, Koharu shouldn’t feel relieved yet. They are actually fox and dog in human form, another bunny’s enemy.

Later, Koharu finds out that the fox is the new head of Goryu Shrine who act as Inari sama (Fox God) that can control spirits. Though he’s that powerful, he could somehow do unpredictable thing, like kissing Koharu on the lips. Whuaaah


Having such important “person” caring for him drives Koharu crazy. Could this become bunny-fox romantic tale?


Man gets superior feeling when he’s able to rescue someone from trouble. I think the idea is nothing original *well, can’t expect much from a yaoi, though* But somehow, I like the drawing. It’s cute even with those scribbling here and there. The characterization is quite strong too: powerful arrogant Ryouji and cute Koharu.




Dangerous Pleasure



My Rating:


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