Tokyo Girls Destruction

Japan’s first female prime minister, Houryuuji Tokiwako, is doing reformation on the nation’s education system. She develops an academy that combine education, beauty and prudence to produce perfect woman (yamato nadeshiko). She calls it “Amazon Academy”.

Amasu Kumi comes to this school to investigate her sister’s death. Her only clue is the sister message asking for help to Burai Sachiko.

There is something wrong about this school. Around all you can see is just elites and prudent girls passing by. Even all the expenses are taking care by showing the student badge which is used as credit card. It’s very convenient, right?

However, Kumi finds strange things. First, she was told that there’s isolated room to punish those who break the school’s law. Second, that nothing can connect her with the outside world as the school made in isolated island. And what surprised her more is the “Amazon after school” when all those glorious girls become beasts that would do anything to steal others’ badge.

The school is not ordinary school, it’s a survival education institution. Can Kumi deal with this condition while finding out what happened to her sister?

Sounds like Battle Royale to me. What do you think?


PROzess : Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

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