Sakamoto Ryota is a 22 years old guy who’s addicted to an RPG called “BTOOOM”, a war game where each participant use bombs to defeat the enemies. Yup, he’s just like any other NEET who caught inside cyber world. The fact that he’s so good that he starts to think that world is comfortable.

But, one day, he wakes up in the middle of strange forest with a pack of explosives in his bag. Ryota totally forgot how he got there. While he was thinking, a guy came closer and throw him a bomb. What? Is he playing “BTOOOM” in real life now? What does it means?

What is this?

I’ve read/watch 4 mangas/animes about NEET these past 2 months. Is it on trend now? lol

Well, put it aside, this manga gives me a little taste of Bloody Monday and Death Note. The dark art fits its character so well, plus the ability to put the flowing plot so well, it’s getting amusing to wait for the next chapter.


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