Hyakkiyakou Juliet

Following her brother footstep, Arisawa Kayako is now the sixteenth exorcist of the Arisawa family. She has two loyal shikigami that help her purify spirits, Kouhaku and Kagari.

Pursuing her education, Kayako then move to another island after spending 15 years in her protected hometown. She’s so excited to see her new school. But, she soon smells something impurity here.


She meets a tree spirit named Yashiro at the back yard of her school. It’s so big and beautiful, Kayako finds a liking on it right away. Though the spirit seems cold and rude, she shows great kindness. However, the school decides to cut it down soon. Feeling betrayed, Yashiro turns into a monster. Can Kayako defeats her favorite tree?

The story is cute and short, so you don’t find “normal romance” here. lol. Well, it’s ok, right? I like the way Kayako treats spirits around her. If you treat people like friend, they’ll become friendly in your head. If you treat them like monsters, they become nightmares.





My Rating: 


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