Usagi Drop

Coming to his grandfather’s funeral this morning, Daikichi never expected that he’d coming home with a little girl named Rin. She’s became the dilemma in the family being the fact that she’s the illegitimate daughter of this late grandpa. He was 79, for God sake!

The family makes it ruckus since nobody knows Rin’s mother. She’s left with maternal record and that’s all. They become more reluctant when they see Rin couldn’t get along well. She barely talks and always swiped away from group gathering.

Hey, she’s just a six years old girl. What can you expect?

So, Daikichi decides to let her live with him. He’s a 30 years old single guy. Well, he doesn’t think much, just knowing how much pain Rin would have being left alone like this.

Fortunately, Rin grows a liking on this nephew of hers. She gradually puts her trust on him. And so, their new life begins. It’s a bitter sweet experience every day, involving sweat on the futon, daycare, home-made bento and bunny’s hair. lol
I looove this manga. Well, I started to know this story from the movie trailer. Kenmatsu is playing Daikichi and Ashida Mana is the cute little Rin. The movie looks great. I’m currently following the anime and it never fails to make me smile. Story about family always warm me. Kinda remind me of Hanamaru Youchien. lol

My Rating:


The series ends at 9th volume. You can try these scanlators to get the manga:





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