Arakawa Under The Bridge

Let me introduce you to Ichinomiya Kou. Raised to be elite, Kou sticks to the family motto: never be indebted to anyone! He’s the one who will inherit the Ichinomiya’s kingdom anyway, that’s why he must be a strong guy.

But, today is a special one. An incident has happened that cause Kou loses his trousers to the bridge. Ok, it’s not a big deal. He can just climb the bridge to reach the trousers. Kou can do it.

Nah, the problem is that someone’s watching from below. It’s a girl wearing jersey who seems like enjoying her  fishing time at the river. She offers him a hand, which of course, rejected by Kou. He never owe anyone ever and today would not be the beginning.

As Kou reaches his trouser, he loses control and slips to the river. The fact that the river is quite harsh doesn’t annoy him as much as somebody pulls him to the side of the river. It’s the fishing girl and he’s officially in debt to her.

Whuaaah! This should not happen. Kou offers many things to repay his debt, but this girl only ask one thing: show her what love is.

I think this is very interesting that someone who never even had real love all his love must teach somebody else about it. Aren’t you exciting how Kou can teach her?

This story is classified gag manga, so be prepare to see illogical and stupid things. Well, at least, it wouldn’t fail to make you smile.


Bakabt (torrent)

My Rating: 


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