Natsume Yuujincho

People are normally given family. We’re born with the fact that blood related to other people. Those people are treasured, beloved ones we would protect.

For Natsume, being loved alone is hard. He’s ability to see spirits, that’s why people discriminate him. They think he’s hungry of affection that he made up things like that. As his parents passed away when he was young, he practically alone.

But, his foster parents, The Fujiwara, are so kind to him. Natsume tries hard to conceal his ability just to keep this peaceful life going on. It’s almost impossible as Narume learns the existence of “Book of Names” that belonged to his grandmother. Long long time ago, that grandma, Reiko, beaten spirit and hold their names as well as their loyalty. Now as she’s gone, those spirits come to take their names back.

Natsume, who always hate spirit who drifted him away from human’s socialization, comes to understand the feeling spirits too.

Despite of horrible drawing, which looks like doodling to me, this manga is so loveable. Yes, it’s kinda dark and I don’t think normal 15 years old boy should think this hard. But, Natsume has gone a lot and suffered too much that his sense of normality may beyond our scale.

“Even spirits have feeling”, probably it’s the best phrase to understand this story. You won’t comprehend if you’re not close enough to see or hear or feel. You can not get the meaning if you’re not willing to open your heart.

hmm, kinda heavy? Well, that’s a life for Natsume.


Ashitaka X Taiyo

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