Paradise Kiss

Yukari never thinks about her good quality before she meets Arashi’s group. She only does the best she could to follow her parents’ wish, to graduate successfully. But, Arashi tells her that she should be their model.

Arashi, along with George and Mawako are designer wanna be who produce trendy clothes branded “Paradise Kiss”. They thought Yukari fits the image.

But, how is that possible for her to spend time modeling, while she needs to prepare for exam. However, George is a very good persuader. Yukari ends on coming to their club each and every day.

Is this the right path for Yukari?


Hey, hey, aren’t you agree that we need to read the manga before seeing the movie? I just learned the existence of this story when the trailer came out. I had enough of shoujo, back then. But, Yazawa sensei’s works may probably one of the most popular live action based story people ever take. Remember Hana Yori Dango? or Nana? or Kage no Tsuki?

Even so, I’m not so impressed with the quality of her drawing. It lacks of background, yet too many flowerings around the paper. But, I think that’s what makes it so popular. It’s so….girly? lol





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