Koukou Debut


Haruna spent her entire life playing softball without realizing her nature as woman. Now, that she’s in high school, she comes to her sense. Everybody arounds are pretty and even her best friend was confessed by a guy before.

Why is she the only one without charms?

She once tries to stand on the street, but nobody even glance at her. Is she that horrible?


Well, wrong outfit, ridiculous make up and boyish appearance, may be the best to describe her. She needs to change.

Haruna, then, comes up with idea of taking a coach for her performance. While thinking about that, Haruna crossed a cool attractive looking guy named Yoh. Haruna asks him to be her coach right away.

She never realizes that Yoh is not very sociable. He’s rude and always talk in harsh way. Haruna must asks him persistently before he agreed. Yoh gives her one condition to never fall in love with him.

*Whuaaah, such an arrogant guy. If I were Haruna, I’d say, “Who’d fall for you, baka?” lol. Well, Haruna is much sweeter girl than me.*

Yoh is an amazing coach. He’s not only managing her appearance, but also teaching her about love. There are so many good qualities of Yoh that makes Haruna falls for him. But, she made that promise…


Hillarious! I think this is one good manga if only it didn’t last for so long. I think 13 volumes for a shoujo is too long. But, I will patiently read it. I like the theme. The idea is not making over, but to show the best part of you while eliminating some stupid attribution that unveil Haruna’s potency. Hello, bad clothing is the worse. One doesn’t have to wear branded clothes, but decent and suitable outfits are necessary.






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