Sekai ichi Hatsukoi

Onodera Ritsu turns into serious adult.  He’s so stiff that he resigned from his old job because people gossiping him using family connection to success. But, Ritsu probably shouldn’t do that, right?

His new job is editor in shoujo manga magazine. Emerald team is the name of his new assigned post. Whaaat? What does he know about manga?

*And here we got another man who thinks Shoujo manga is only for girls. huh*

Filled with anxiety and madness, Ritsu decides to try a few week here. If there’s something he keeps loving since high school, it’s literature. He has been in love with books since old days. He even found his first love in that high school library. Hmm, ok, let’s just forget it. Ritsu doesn’t even remember that guy’s face anymore.

So, back with the new place. This Emerald is notorious for having beautiful guys as editor. Their achievements are amazing. They work like slave *lol*. They manage their work in special circle. By the time of deadline coming closer, you won’t like to be around them. They look like zombie since they hardly sleep to chase the printing time.

Well, that kind of hard work is adorable. But, can Ritsu keep up with their pace? Moreover, can he adapt with his weird supervisor? This editor in chief, Masamune Takano, can even kisses him in front of the mangaka to help her with her drawing. Wakkkkk! Sekuharaaaaa!!


Well, well,  it was few days ago when I saw the OVA and it (succesfully) drags me back to become fujoshi. AHHHHHHHH.. I quitted 2 years ago, but why did I start looking for the manga now? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Can’t help it. The art is amazing. It’s soft and delicate. The story is cute with humors all along the way. It got me right!!!!



My Rating: 


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