Kyou Dake no Unreal

this story is additional story in Halfway tankoubon. I always like story about friendship, remains me all those precious and wasted relations I have. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hazuki and Erika are friends. But, one day, Hazuki sees Erika walking with her boyfriend. Burnt in jealousy, Hazuki tampered Erika and breaks their relationship.

But, the next day, she receives phone call saying that Erika died. What?

Nah, regret always came late. She starts feeling guilty and rethinking of that horrible things she said to her.

Surprisingly, she meets Erika on the street. What? Now, Hazuki is in confusion. Erika looks pretty healthy for her. They even hang out together.

If only Hazuki listened to her long time ago, she might saw her in different light. For Erika, Hazuki is a valuable friend that had been rescuing her from miserable days of her life.

Would she took her boyfriend? pretty irrational to me.




My Rating:ย 



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