“This is still only the middle of the story, from here on, we’re definitely heading towards a happy ending”

Shuu and Hiro are having dilemma. Shuu decides to go to Tokyo. It means, leaving her girlfriend, Hiro, in Hokkaido. She can hardly think what drove that decision.

Ok, she actually knows that Shuu wants to study philosophy in Waseda. But, still she doesn’t want to be left behind.

Now, we’re talking about ‘which one is more important: me or waseda?’ Girls sure like making that kind of threat.

Nobody wants to be left like that right?

Days until graduation are flowing like harsh rainy season for Hiro. Part of her wanted to support Shuu’s dream, but other part *this is what Freud called ‘id’* hoped that he chose her.

So…what would be great for this couple?

Amazing ha? This one shot had already made into movie with my boyfriend, Masaki Okada, played Shuu.

DOWNLOAD is available at

Nagareboshi-manga (www.nagare-boshi.net)

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