Samurai Darling

Amiko goes to all-girls school. And now she’s desperate to find boyfriend. Yup, desperate enough to sneak into another school festival to peek on guy she had a crush on. Too bad, that guy is taken.

Ahh, Amiko life is miserable. That’s what she thinks when she finds a samurai behind the bushes!! OMG! Is it a ghost? But, that samurai is so cute and gentle! Oo! Amiko is in love (again)!

Being in love and idiot often happen at the same time. In this case, Amiko is dumb from the bone. Lol. But, this kind of naive girl makes me jealous. She can do any stupid things without thinking. Only real idiot can do that. Still, she’s doing her best to get what she want. She’s working hard. Salute for a hard worker! lol.

You can download this manga at Bakabt

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