Boku to Majo to Jikan

Tsuzuri Enji is dead. Wait, this can’t be right! The fortune teller said he has the highest luck ever today. But, he hit by a truck.

He wakes up a week later with white hair and red eyes in some kind of basement. What happen? Isn’t he dead?
His confusion multiply as a girl come down and make him as her experiment tool. She even pushes him from the school roof. Strangely, Enji seems to have miraculously generative power. He always wake up unwounded.
This is getting weird. His friend says that she’s a witch. And that witch just put his brain into a replacement body that enable him to have super power. In return, she asks 100 million as fee….

Well, aside of bad drawing, the story is ok. The idea of having witch and super power is quite popular todays, ha?


The project is scanlated by riceballicious.


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