chapter (s): 4

Hidaka Mika has been keeping her feeling to her violin teacher, Akizuki sensei. Sensei is a cool guy who play violin beautifully.Mika would do anything just to be with him, including missing the exam.

After 3 years study, she always find reason to avoid exam. This way, she could stay at the Beginner’s course he instructing. But, then, Akizuki sensei plans to study abroad. Mika now tries many things to keep him stay.

Akizuki is a man with a strong memory. Due to childhood trauma, he barely able to forget bad memories. That’s why he choose music to flow his pain away. Learning that, Mika is finally able to let him go….


This is more like Shimotsuki sensei’s work. She has unique drawing and romance suits her. Download this manga at Stiletto Heels Scanlation.


My Rating:


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