C-Blossom ~Case 729~


Kana’s life is changed as soon as her father secured by the police. He’s accused of doing corruption.Her mother left her and she’s sent to all-girls-dorm school.

Even in new surrounding, Kana still feels uneasy. People talk about her. A guy stalks her behind school gate. Her life is totally ruined.

As she wanted to erase herself, her new teacher, Kisaragi sensei, takes her and says that she needs to cooperate. He tells her to convince her father not revealing any other people involved in the corruption case. Kana is going to be their hostage.

But at the very moment, a cool guy come saving her. He claimed to be the real Kisaragi Kou.

Kana never imagine to be running beneath bullets, but Kou is always there to cover her. And at the very ending, she needs to take decision. Will she  fight for her family life?

I’m not sure that Shimotsuki Kayoko sensei has talent in thriller story. I read her manga before, “Ariadne at Night”. The idea is OK, but the way she flows the story is less intriguing. Too bad, I like her drawing style. 

This one, too, even that she had joint forces with Fukui Harutoshi sensei, I feel that the story is too simple and too easy to revealed. They need to put more mystery in it.

Download it from condensation or Storm in Heaven

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