Like any other girl, Tsukimi dreamt of growing up as beautiful princess. That’s what she told her mother when they went to see jellyfish at the aquarium.

That was years ago.

The now Tsukimi is aiming to be illustrator in Tokyo. Instead of becoming attractive girl, she stuck with lame hair style, old fashioned clothes and a loser mental. She becomes a fujoshi.

She lives with a bunch of weirdos like train lover, otaku, doll collector. Not to mention a mangaka who never leave her room. Yup, it’s a life of no men.

Tsukimi visits a pet store at night regularly just to see the jellyfish she love. She calls her Kurara. But, one night, she detects a mistake. The shopkeeper put moon jellyfish and spotted jellyfish at the same tank. It’s dangerous for the spotted jellyfish. Tsukimi protests to the shoppkeeper but she’s being ignored. Lucky there’s a beautiful girl passing by and help her. She asks Kurara to be taken home. Amazed by her beauty, he gave it to her.

The cute chic follows Tsukimi home.

Tsukimi is very thankful, but having this very stylist lady at her house is troublesome. Later she found out the girl is  a cross dressed guy. AAAAH! This is horrible! What if the rest of the gang found out?

I bet you’ll love this manga. I finished watching the anime months ago and I’m so addicted to it. The idea is simple: appearance is important to build image. It doesn’t mean that you have to look like supermodel, but you need to look fresh. Wearing good, decent clothe make us comfortable and full of confidence. Yup, those words coming from a girl who can’t have a mismatched clothes. I’m feeling weird if my clothes are not in harmony. Are you with me?

One more thing, clothe attract people. If you dress like professor, you’ll be surrounded by the same smart people. If you dress like a party girl, well, you’ll attract your kind, too.

The project is brought to you by Hachimitsu scan.

My Rating:


2 thoughts on “Kuragehime

    1. Hmm, kalau animenya emang belum ada rumor season II *sayang banget*
      Aku malah berharap ada liveaction doramanya! wakakkakkk

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