Try me boy!

Ahh, do you know the phenomenon of maiden in love? She can think of many things over one word that came from the one she love. She can sweat and lose her mind whenever he’s around. Yup, you know the disease.
Sasaki Kaoru is our patient today. She can get exaggerating just because Sasaki You said she looks fat. Yay! Is there anyway to confess to him? Konno, Kaoru’s best friend suggesting to do it at the school festival tomorrow. Everyone will be in good mood. But, she’s too nervous that create misunderstanding to You. He thinks that Kaoru is going out with Konno. Oowww!! Kaoru needs to do something to close the day happily!
It’s just a small sweet high school romance. It’s pretty light, you can download it from Loyal Kiss (currently inactive) .
You can also grab the torrent from bakabt

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