Summer wars

WELL, each person has ability and disability. For Kenji, his great strength is math and his weakness is hardly getting along with girls. That’s why he has no confidence and keep looking Natsumi senpai from distance.
He rather spends his day wandering at OZ, a social network system simulated real life in virtual, than going out physically. His skill got him a job to do the system maintenance.
But, this summer is going to be different.Natsuki senpai offers him a summer job back in her hometown.It’s an opportunity he never dreamt before. But, that’s not the biggest surprise yet. Natsuki senpai announce him as her fiancee in front of her grandmother. Shocked, Kenji can’t do anything but get along with her script.
At the same time, the world of OZ is in trouble. A character named King Kazma is beating everyone. If this thing continue, the balance is going to be ruined.

Kenji, with the help of the whole of Natsuki’s big family, must do something to stop it!

The manga is originaly written by Mosoda Mamoru sensei, which then drawed by Sugimoto sensei. The characters are designed by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki sensei.
The manga is adapted from the movie and started its serialization in July 2009. It’s pretty cool movie. You might want to see the snapshots from movielosophy.
The manga lasts in volume 3. I personally choose watching the movie than reading it. But, you can grab your copy from bakabt. You can also check the Mango’s blog or their forum who scanlated the manga.

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