Giant Killing

Tatsumi is a traitor. At least that’s what everybody think. After pushing ETU (East Tokyo United) to the top, he left the club abroad. ETU lost its strength and fell to division 2.

Tatsumi become soccer coach in an amateur club in England. It’s a super weak club, but he manages to take them to challenge club from Premiere League. That sort of Giant Killing is impossible, but Tatsumi makes it real. The city is awakened to soccer and the air is full with spirit.

Now, after years, ETU’s GM & manager find him to drag him back. Tatsumi is the only one who can save ETU from degradation. What can he do among the team mates & supporters that hate him? Will he awakened ETU to perform another Giant Killing in its history?

I downloaded the anime last year. I never thought that it came from manga. The manga itself has just available in my country last month.

The art is awful, something you can expect from guy’s scribbling. The theme is popular and nothing’s new. The idea is quite similar with Last Inning, right?


*summary, no group scan the whole series. *

My Rating:


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