Ai ja tarinai


If you’re falling, would you choose rich guy or poor man?

Ai’s brother had told her to get good guy with high income. He selects every man near her.

One day, she met this awkward Koushiro. He’s a medical student and he lives alone in a mansion. It seems like he meets the brother’s requirement. However, overtime Ai wanted to visit his mansion, he refused. Ai even invites him to her place to her brother. The over protective brother checks out Koushiro’s identity and found out that….


Well, money is important. Without money, you can’t have fun. Do you know many people suicide because they don’t have money to live life the fullest? I do believe that we should not judge people from their wealthiness, but having money give you privilege, right? Isn’t that anybody wants to have great life? It’s better to have money than not. But if you don’t have it, you still have to richen your soul to keep thankful. I believe that’s the key to happiness.


This is a project by midnight scan . You can also grab the torrent from bakabt.

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