Koi ja nai no da!

Having traumatized experience with love, Saotome Nanno is often having nightmare about it. She’s always precautions and even being paranoid just by touching a man’s hand.

So, there’s this boy whom she meets at class representative meeting. She can’t forget him as he said sweet things like in the manga. O o..could this be the sign of love?


Well, basically, people will lead to that. But, what if the boy is the one created trauma for her? this is not love! (koi ja nai no da!)


Love is not something so delicate, right? You need to fight for it to be happy.

This is another sweet manga I would only peek the first chapter. It’s been long since I read manga. haaa

well, let’s visit Shojo Crusade to download this manga. Well, there’s also torrent link in bakabt for you if you like. It’s only 2 volume length.

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5 thoughts on “Koi ja nai no da!

  1. Hey, nice blog 😉 the pic for koi ja nai no da looks soo cute! 🙂 I have a question concerning your blog though. What did you do to get a drop down menu for your main menu? I tried to look it up on google and the explanations are so confusing I don’t get it xD lol I hope you can help me! (i’m not good with codes and so forth so a very simple explanation would be awesome! lol) thanks in advance! Keep up the good work with your blog! 🙂

    1. It’s on the template. I’m using “Modularity Lite” theme. You can find it when you open Appearance–> Themes.
      I hope it’s brief enough. lol

  2. Ohh, cool, I’m also using that theme. Being brief isn’t an issue, it’s just the explanation itself lol after I go into appearance, then themes I go into menu? I tried to do the custom menu thing but I don’t think I did it right, I never get a drop down at the end. I tried it several times but with no success 😦 lol I’m sorry I’m so slow when it comes to these things. Can I get a step by step explanation please?

    1. O, don’t worry. it’s fine. First thing you have to remember is that the drop down menu only available when you have parent pages & some children pages on it.
      I hope you find this explanation refreshing: drop down menu

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