Mirai Nikki


Yukiteru is a bystander. He’s always staying away from other kids and busy writing diary in his cell phone. Since he’s alone, he creates imaginary friends: Deus the God of Time and Space, and Marumuru, Deus’s servant.
One day, Deus challenges Yukiteru in a game. He said that he’d be entrusting him the future. Yukiteru is surprised seeing his diary has become future’s diary. It writes all things that would happen in the future.
Yukiteru is panic since Deus is supposed to be in his imagination only. How could he possessed such power?
Now, the problem is the beautiful girl in the class, Gasai Yuno, and the serial killer the news talked about, are coming for him. It is written on Yukiteru’s diary that this is the day he’s going to die!


I was going to fold it when I read the first chapter, but it’s getting more interesting at the next chapter. Despite of its lack quality of drawing, the plot is thrilling.
I can see why this kind of manga is quite popular. We are all want God-like ability, because seems so hard to take. However, we’re just human. We can’t be trusted such a great power because we lack of ability to control. That’s why we’re not God.

The manga is translated by lucifer . But, I found this manga at bakabt.
My Rating: 



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