“A true warrior will revive no matter how many times he dies”

Yamamoto Taiyo is only 13, but he has challenged many things. He started his morning by racing bus to school, he bungees jumping from school roof, and he fought with gorilla in the zoo. He always has spirit to defeat and taking risk, no matter how ridiculous he looked by others.
One day, Taiyou ‘died’ after fighting an evil spirit called “Millennium Earl”. He was just going to save his childhood friend, Koushi, who’s kept as hostage in a haunted building.
Is this a game over for Taiyo’s adventure?
A spirit named “Shiropin” gives him another option. He simply wants to defeat “Millennium Earl”, so he asks Taiyo to share his power and revived as immortal zombie. Without understanding the real meaning, Taiyo agrees and he’s back to life. But, this means that he had to fight the monster and being swept away from reality. Is this what it means to be warrior?

Hmm…the manga is too much for me. Alien, monster and revival immortal? They’re too ridiculous being in one story. I think Hoshino Katsura sensei dreamt too much that it doesn’t work well in the story. Thank God it’s a one shot, so you won’t be tortured reading this. lol.

However, for those who had fond of zombie, this might adds to your collection. Find it at

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