Akuma no elevator

4 people are trapped in an elevator. One is a robber, another one kidnapped a young girl, the other one is a gothic lolita who wanted to suicide at the roof and the last is a man who had affair while his wife’s pregnant.

It was such a little time, but they suddenly tell their sins to each other. The robber was just a cat robber until he found a beautiful lady in her target house and raped her while she was sleeping. The gothic lolita girl has been bullied for years so she wanted to end her torture. The kidnapper confesses that he took a 7 years old girl from a park. And the last guy is having an affair with his colleague.

Their lifes are miserable, but listening to others’s stories make them feel better.


The manga is scanlated by scansremix. You can also visit bakabt (torrent) to download this manga.

My Rating: 



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